Introducing Lauren Johnson From Whole Body Massage & Yoga

As a Licensed Massage Therapist:

Lauren has been a massage therapist for over seven years. Her education and license have come from studying at UEI, Natural Healing Institute, and IPSB massage schools. She has actively mastermind with various therapists and sports healing professionals from all over.

As Certified Yoga Instructor:

Lauren trained with Bird Rock Yoga, Rainbow Kids Yoga, and Deep Yoga in San Diego. She’s had over 4 years of teaching and is yoga certified through Bird Rock Yoga. These training’s have molded her unique style of teaching. You can catch her Vinyasa or Therapeutic flow classes each week!

What Massage and Yoga do for me

Regular massage and yoga in Lauren’s life help her to live comfortably. She deals with low back pain and the neck/ shoulder tension many can relate to. Keeping the two therapies regularly apart of my routine help me to not feel so much pain in my body and SIGNIFICANTLY decreases the amount of stress in her life. The passion she has for massage and yoga comes from the benefits she personally gained as well as the wonders it has done for her clients. These therapies allow Lauren to express the passion she has for helping people which in turn inspires her to strive for continual education and growth to better her clients and self.


Mission Statement:

“My ears are open…This is your therapeutic session, your time, and will assist you to the best of my ability.”
Lauren has the experience of working for gyms, spas, franchises, hotels, and chiropractors. Every experience has taught her something new and uses those experiences to in her own business. In combination of Lauren’s massage and yoga training knowledge it has truly given her a deep understanding of the human body and a myriad of techniques to ease and understand chronic tension for each of her clients.
~I love doing what I do because it allows me to understand and deepen within myself which I pass on as a student, massage therapist, yoga instructor, and advice!


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